For Members

How do I sign in to the Chicago Building Congress website?
Signing in is easy! Simply go to the ‘Members’ tab, and click ‘sign-in’. The username is your email. If this is your first time logging in, please use your company email to retrieve a password. This will send you an activation email.Your original password was automatically generated, which we encourage you to change.
What if I can’t remember my password or it doesn’t work?
You can update your password at any time. Click ‘Request Password’. We will email you a new password so you can access your account.
My company is a CBC member, but I can’t log in under my name. What can I do?

Membership levels allow for a different number of employees to be listed. The Primary Contact (and those listed) in your company profile have access. Utilize one of those listed for access to membership pricing for events, event attendee lists and other benefits.

What can I do to have my name listed in the company profile?

Contact the Chicago Building Congress for details on membership levels at 630-510-4574. You can also visit the membership page for additional information.

Where can I find upcoming events?

Check out the Calendar of Events. Click on those that interest you for more details, registration and sponsorship opportunities.

I’d like to volunteer for the CBC. What’s available and how can I learn more?

There are many volunteer opportunities to help further the industry and serve the community.

Committees include the Merit Awards, Award of Honor, Monthly Events, Golf Outing, Future Leaders and the Board of Directors. Contact the CBC at 630-510-4574.

I’ve heard about the CBC Discovery Groups. What are they?
The CBC Discovery Groups are professionally facilitated roundtable groups for CBC members who are emerging leaders in their companies. Monthly meetings are designed to encourage leadership development, industry networking and professional collaboration. Attendees must be nominated by senior management.
What other services are provided through the CBC?
If your company needs help with marketing, website design, video production, promotion, or event planning the CBC works with several vendors to help you. Contact Mark Fitzgerald or call 630-327-6101 for more information.

For Non-Members

Why should I join the Chicago Building Congress (CBC)?

The CBC was formed in 1939 to unite the building industry in a shared purpose while advancing the art, science and technology of building in Chicagoland. Membership benefits include relationship building,  meaningful networking and unparalleled education.

Who should join the CBC?
The CBC is the only vertically-integrated trade association serving the Chicagoland area. Members include real estate professionals and developers, general contractors, subcontractors, engineering firms, architects, labor unions, associations, government entities, educational facilities, banks, insurance providers, consultants, legal firms, accounting firms, media publications, material manufacturers and suppliers. It is an equal opportunity trade association.
How can I join the CBC?
Joining the CBC is easy. On the CBC website, click on ‘Membership’ and ‘Join Now’ for a listing of membership levels and benefits. You can sign up and pay by credit card all in one step. Memberships are corporate in nature with the number of employees listed based on the membership level selected. There are several membership levels including corporate, silver, gold and platinum.
The CBC fiscal year begins July 1. What if I join throughout the year? Are memberships prorated?
Yes, CBC Memberships are prorated on a monthly basis.
Where can I find upcoming events?

Check out the Calendar of Events. Click on those that interest you for more details, registration and sponsorship opportunities. Most events are open to the public. CBC Members receive substantial discounts on event registration, have access to event attendee lists and much more.